Parametric Solutions

Coverage you can rely on

We live in an uncertain world where myriad forces beyond your control can impact your business. Buying traditional indemnity-based insurance to protect against insurance risks is not always efficient. That's why we've designed parametric protection with simple trigger and payout mechanisms to speed up the claims payment process. Our innovative solutions use a customised formula so that once we hit a pre-defined threshold, we pay you – it's as simple as that.

We tailor our solutions to your risk. From tropical cyclone to earthquakes to pandemics, regardless of your business, many types of phenomena can hurt your cash flow and your bottom line. We provide custom-made cover to provide immediate protection from the financial fallout of parametrically measurable events. Our experts are knowledgeable and creative and will work with you to find a solution that best fits your risk.

We have a simple, speedy payment process. When disaster strikes, you need liquidity; a parametric solution ensures a fast payment process. You'll get the capital and liquidity you need to help keep your business running smoothly when you have a parametrically-measurable claims event.

We offer significant capacity and a willingness to take on risk. We have the financial strength of the Swiss Re Group and an appetite for acceptable risk and can offer significant capacity.