In a changing market, how can we help you be more resilient?

Our world is changing, and you need a risk partner who anticipates the future. At Swiss Re Corporate Solutions, we understand that sometimes a conventional risk transfer product just isn't the right choice. That's why we continue to develop solutions that give you flexibility, efficiency and speedy payout options.

By combining fresh, innovative perspectives with cutting-edge technology and expertise, we help you recover faster when you need it most.

The latest research shows that as much as 90% of market value of large listed companies stems from their intangible assets. At the same time, economic trends mean that companies have wider and more vulnerable supply chains than ever before, which leaves them open to interruptions in new and more complex ways. What does that mean for corporate risk management?​

Solution Spotlight ​PARAMETRIC

2020 was the fifth-costliest year for insured losses since 1970. Natural catastrophes caused USD 76 billion of global insured losses, up 40% from 2019.

With extreme weather events getting more severe and unpredictable, traditional insurance sometimes does not provide adequate coverage, leaving protection gaps behind. Parametric Solutions offer trigger-based policies with straightforward payout mechanisms. One of the most prominent application of parametric insurance remains in the area of Natural Catastrophes (Nat Cat) and extreme weather.

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A Closer Look Parametric STORM™

The year also brought about a very active hurricane season with record number of named storms.

The number story of the 2020 hurricane season

The Hurricane Conundrum: Your Location

More than déjà vu

If your exposures include hailstorms and earthquakes, or if you are dependent on water levels for revenue and supply chain, our Nat Cat Parametric Solutions can help you stay resilient after such events:
  • HAIL

    A data-driven parametric hailstorm insurance solution available to locations in hail-prone states in the U.S.​


    An innovative, rapid-payout insurance product that gives financial flexibility in dealing with hardships in the immediate aftermath of an earthquake.​

  • FLOW

    A parametric insurance product that provides coverage for floods, droughts and other water-level events to companies exposed to rivers’ high or low water levels in Europe.​


Exploring Self-insurance ​Captive and Virtual Captive Solutions

Today's shifting market dynamics have created uncertainties and resulted in challenges for the corporate sector looking for adequate risk transfer options. Customers are re-looking at what risks they choose to transfer or retain, and whether self-financing risks could be a solution for them.​

  • Blog ​Interested in a captive, but not quite ready? There's a solution for that

    Thomas Keist Global Captive Solutions Leader

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