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  • sigma 2/2017: Natur- und Man-made- Katastrophen im Jahr 2016 (PDF, 867kb)

    28 March 2017

    In terms of devastation wreaked, there were a number of large-scale disasters across the world in 2016, including earthquakes in Japan, Ecuador, Tanzania, Italy and New Zealand. There were also a number of severe floods in the US and across Europe and
    Asia, and a record high number of weather events in the US. The strongest was Hurricane Matthew, which became the first Category 5 storm to form over the North Atlantic since 2007, and which caused the largest loss of life – more than 700 victims, mostly in Haiti – of a single event in the year. Another expansive, and expensive, disaster was the wildfire that spread through Alberta and Saskatchewan in Canada from May to July.

  • 01/2016 Natur- und Man-made-Katastrophen 2015 (PDF, 2.04mb)

    30 March 2016

    According to the latest <i>sigma</i> study, global insured losses from natural catastrophes and man-made disasters in 2015 were USD 37 billion, well-below the USD 62 billion average of the previous 10 years. There were 353 disaster events last year. Of those, 198 were natural catastrophes, which is the highest number in one year, according to <i>sigma</i> records.

  • 05/2015 Unterversicherung von Sachrisiken: Die Deckungslücke schliesse (PDF, 2.09mb)

    14 September 2015

    Underinsurance of property risks is a global challenge. Much of the protection gap is due to uninsured global natural catastrophe risk, which has been rising steadily over the past 40 years. Swiss Re’s sigma data show that total economic losses from natural disasters have averaged around USD 180 billion annually in the last decade,
    with 70% (USD 127 billion, or USD 1.3 trillion in total over the 10 years) of that uninsured. Earthquakes, floods and windstorms are the main perils, particularly in areas of high population and property value concentrations.

  • 02/2015 Natur- und Man-made-Katastrophen 2014
    (PDF, 1.68mb)

    25 March 2015

    In 2014, there were 336 disaster events. Of these, 189 were natural catastrophes, the highest ever recorded, and 147 were man-made disasters. More than 12700 people lost their lives or went missing in the disasters.

  • 1/2014 Natur- und Man-made- Katastrophen 2013 (PDF, 1.88mb)

    26 March 2014

    Gemäss der neuesten sigma-Studie fielen die versicherten Schäden aus Natur- und Man-made-Katastrophen 2013 weltweit mit 45 Mrd. USD wesentlich niedriger aus als im Vorjahr (81 Mrd. USD). Von den versicherten Schäden waren 37 Mrd. USD auf Naturkatastrophen, insbesondere Hagelstürme in Europa und Überschwemmungen in verschiedenen Regionen, zurückzuführen.


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