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  • A hitchhiker's guide to smart contracts

    20 August 2018

    Does a contract have to involve people? In the future, maybe not. Thanks to blockchain technology, computer code is gradually taking the place of banks, governments and the legal system.

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  • Swiss Re SONAR - New emerging risk insights (PDF, 7.40mb)

    31 May 2018

    Sleep deprivation, printed hearts, biased algorithms or lurking cyber risks are just some of the risks arising from new technologies. For the re/insurance industry technological innovation usually provides both opportunities and challenges. In this new edition of Swiss Re SONAR report, you will find the latest updates on emerging risks as well as longer-term trends shaping the risk landscape.

  • Closing the gap: Drought threat to Uruguay‘s reliance on hydropower (PDF, 353kb)

    18 May 2018

    Uruguay is fortunate to have four river basins within its borders, two of which feed its hydroelectric plants. Hydropower can supply up to 90% of the country‘s electricity demand in a humid year. A dry year, however, can be costly.

  • Supporting on-going capture and sharing of digital event data (PDF, 2.70mb)

    20 March 2018

    With rising cyber-crime highlighting vulnerabilities in digital dependency and the efforts by policymakers to establish frameworks to protect the rights of individuals and business, digital security awareness and resilience is one of the highest priority items on all agendas.

  • Swiss Re Corporate Solutions wins the Hong Kong Federation of Insurance Award for Most Innovative Product/Service

    03 November 2017

    Swiss Re Corporate Solutions won most Innovative Product/Service for Insur8, Hong Kong's first ever Non-Damage business interruption insurance solution to protect businesses from financial losses occurring in the event of a typhoon. This trigger based solution, which was launched in July 2017, makes a previously uninsurable event, which impacts all businesses in Hong Kong, insurable.

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  • Swiss Re Corporate Solutions hosts the 1st Chinese Market Fair in Switzerland

    02 November 2017

    The Swiss-Chinese Chamber of Commerce organised the first Chinese Market Fair in Switzerland, on 27 October 2017.

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  • Swiss Re Corporate Solutions leading with confidence at FERMA Forum 2017

    27 October 2017

    Swiss Re Corporate Solutions participated as a gold partner of the bi-annual Federation of European Risk Managers Association (FERMA) Forum, which took place in Monte Carlo from 15-18 October.

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  • sigma 5/2017: Assurances des entreprises (PDF, 521kb)

    20 October 2017

    Les macrotendances technologiques, économiques, démographiques, sociétales et géopolitiques engendrent de profonds changements de l’environnement commercial. Ces changements structurels créent de nouvelles opportunités, mais aussi de nouveaux risques. Dans le même temps, le monde de l’entreprise, autrefois dominé par les actifs matériels, tire aujourd’hui plus de valeur des actifs intangibles. Ces transformations et les expositions qui en découlent se reflètent dans les enquêtes sur la perception des risques par les entreprises. Par exemple, la perte d’exploitation constitue à l’heure actuelle la première préoccupation des entreprises, selon des enquêtes réalisées auprès de professionnels des risques à travers le monde. Et elle est de plus en plus associée au cyber-risque et aux risques sur les chaînes d’approvisionnement.

  • sigma 5/2017: Seguro comercial (PDF, 525kb)

    13 October 2017

    Las macrotendencias tecnológicas, económicas, demográficas, sociales y geopolíticas están impulsando profundos cambios en el entorno empresarial. Estos cambios estructurales crean nuevas oportunidades, pero también nuevos riesgos. Al mismo
    tiempo, el sector corporativo ha pasado de estar dominado por activos físicos a obtener más valor a partir de activos intangibles.

  • sigma 5/2017: Commercial insurance (PDF, 502kb)

    11 October 2017

    Technological, economic, demographic, societal and geopolitical macro trends are driving deep changes in the business environment. These structural changes create new opportunities, but also new risks. Further, the corporate sector has changed
    from being dominated by physical assets to deriving more value from intangible ones. These transformations and the associated exposures they give rise to show in the risks that companies are most concerned about. For example, today business
    interruption is the key corporate risk concern, increasingly linked to cyber and supply chain risks, according to surveys of risk experts across the globe.

  • sigma 5/2017:Gewerbeversicherung (PDF, 553kb)

    11 October 2017

    Die technologischen, wirtschaftlichen, demografischen, gesellschaftlichen und geopolitischen Makrotrends unserer Zeit führen zu grundlegenden Veränderungen im Unternehmensumfeld. Diese strukturellen Veränderungen schaffen neue Chancen,
    aber sie bergen auch neue Risiken. Gleichzeitig hat sich der Unternehmenssektor gewandelt und wird nun zunehmend nicht mehr von materiellen, sondern von im- materiellen Vermögenswerten dominiert. Diese Transformationen und die damit einhergehenden Gefährdungspotenziale spiegeln sich in Umfragen zur Risikowahrnehmung in Unternehmen wider. So sind Unterbrechungen der Geschäftstätigkeit laut weltweiten Umfragen
    von Risikoexperten heute das meistgefürchtete Risiko bei
    Unternehmen, und dieses Risiko steht immer häufiger in
    Verbindung mit Cyber- Sicherheit und Unterbrechungen
    der Lieferkette.

  • Auto-telematics 101

    10 October 2017

    We're living in an age of connectivity where new technology is constantly evolving to help bring us closer together. So it should come as no surprise that technology is revolutionising how we interact with our cars – and our insurers.

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