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  • <em>sigma</em> 3/2017: 2016 年度世界保险业: 中国继续强劲增长 (PDF, 3.92mb)

    21 August 2017

    Growth in the global economy was little changed in 2016 from the previous year with real gross domestic product (GDP) up 2.5%. Advanced economies’ GDP remained below the pre-financial crisis average, but was slightly above the annual average of the previous 10 years. Emerging market growth picked up only marginally, and was still far below the 10-year average.

  • 2017年第1期
    (PDF, 1.87mb)

    12 May 2017

    Cyber threats are evolving rapidly due to the growing digital transformation of society, the widespread use of internet-enabled devices and processes, and the changing profile of hackers. Recent high-profile cyber attacks demonstrate that the extent of associated possible losses is also broadening, increasingly comprising both physical and financial damage relating to data privacy breaches and to companies’ tangible and intangible assets, and also business interruption costs. As a result, the issue of cyber protection is rising up the corporate agenda, at both large and small

  • 2017年第2期
    2016 年的自然灾害与人为灾难:损害范围广泛的一年
    (PDF, 3.65mb)

    09 May 2017

    In terms of devastation wreaked, there were a number of large-scale disasters across the world in 2016, including earthquakes in Japan, Ecuador, Tanzania, Italy and New Zealand. There were also a number of severe floods in the US and across Europe and
    Asia, and a record high number of weather events in the US. The strongest was Hurricane Matthew, which became the first Category 5 storm to form over the North Atlantic since 2007, and which caused the largest loss of life – more than 700 victims, mostly in Haiti – of a single event in the year. Another expansive, and expensive, disaster was the wildfire that spread through Alberta and Saskatchewan in Canada from May to July.

  • 2016年 第5期
    战略性再保险和保险: 对定制化解决方案的需求日益上升
    (PDF, 4.60mb)

    28 October 2016

    Reinsurance and insurance markets are changing rapidly. Insurers around the world have become increasingly sophisticated in managing their capital and risks. Consolidation, evolving solvency regulation and the spread of enterprise risk management are driving a trend of centralized re/insurance buying by insurance companies and large corporations, tailored to enable growth and steer group-wide
    risk appetite across all types of risks.


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