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  • Stuart Brown, Head Origination Weather & Energy EMEA and APAC, Swiss Re Corporate Solutions
  • Jürg Trüb, Head of Environmental & Commodity Markets, Swiss Re Corporate Solutions

Keynote Speech
To hedge or not to hedge? Most energy companies actively hedge their interest rate, FX and price risks. How does weather fit into that picture? Our keynote speaker, Chris Culp, is a long-time observer of corporate risk management and author of several books on the subject of how risk management adds corporate value. One of Dr Culp's graduate students has recently completed some work assessing the value of using weather derivatives, and they will be joining us to share their findings and remind us how to think about assessing whether hedging, of weather or otherwise, can be worth the cost.

  • Chris Culp,  Ph.D, Research Fellow at the Johns Hopkins Institute of Applied Economics, Global Health, and Center for the Study of Business Enterprise & Adjunct Professor at the Swiss Finance Institute and Universität Bern

Session 1: PPAs & increase of merchant risk in the wind markets
With European renewable power moving from subsidy to market pricing mechanisms, bi-lateral Power Purchase Agreements are emerging as a means of reducing or managing merchant risk. But it's not simple, and it remains to be seen whether long term buyers and sellers of wind power can come to terms in a way that will get deals financed. This session will navigate us through this changing landscape and the perspective of wind developers, investors, generators and corporate buyers.

Session 2: Block chain technology and implications and chances for the energy markets
Current energy grids are byzantine compared to the expectations we have on it with a rapidly growing network of producers and consumers leaving room for error and even fraud. Blockchain technology could mean a much more efficient, fast and secure way of managing, fulfilling and executing contracts. What are the implications and chances and what could the future look like?

Session 3: Brexit and the political landscape: What can the energy markets expect?
Against a background of news, facts, rumors and fears, let's hear from market participants, law firms and consultants about what people need to focus on. Is Brexit a spanner in the EU's Internal Energy Market works? How will it affect infrastructure investments, trading, carbon costs, etc.?

Session 4: Data explosion: Is the weather industry ready?
90% of the world's stock of data is less than 18 months old. Whether you call it the age of big data, the data revolution, or some other buzzword, information is now being turned into business intelligence faster than ever before, and we're just getting started. What does that mean for the energy business, or for the identification and management of weather risk? Our guest experts will share their recent experience, and speak to each others', and our, questions about what this means for the future.

Session 5: CEO Roundtable
What's it like running a utility or other energy business in Europe today? How does the boss think about strategy, planning for the future, and what the board should be worried about? We've invited chief executives and managing directors from utilities, coops, exchanges, market operators, and trading shops to share their experiences with us, and to say what they think the future holds for the energy business.


Healthcare Risk Management Update: Episode 14 - Obstetrics Risk Management - High Reliability & High Stakes

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RIMS 2018 Annual Conference & Exhibition

Swiss Re Corporate Solutions representatives will join more than 15,000 risk managers, brokers and insurers at the Risk & Insurance Management Society (RIMS) Annual Conference & Exhibition.

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Swiss Re Corporate Solutions obtains license to provide direct insurance in Mexico

It will insure mid-sized and large companies and government entities against large risks.

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