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Several of our experts will attend the conference this year. Stop by our exhibition stand to meet the team or drop us an email to schedule a meeting in advance.

Senior executives
Jake Algar - Head UK & Ireland - Jake_Algar@swissre.com

Client Management
Nigel Bamber - Key Account Manager - Nigel_Bamber@swissre.com
Marc Davis - Head Sales UK & Ireland - Marc_Davis@swissre.com
Tom Ernoult - Senior Client Manager - Tom_Ernoult@swissre.com
Temitayo Olaofe - Client Manager - Temitayo_Olaofe@swissre.com
Nick Waghorn - Senior Client Manager - Nick_Waghorn@swissre.com
Shelley Wright - Head Manchester Office - Shelley_Wright@swissre.com

Innovative Risk Solutions
Martin Hotz - Senior Parametric Nat Cat Underwriter - Martin_Hotz@swissre.com
Thomas Keist - Marketing IRS EMEA - Thomas_Keist@swissre.com
Chris Wertli - Head Innovative Risk Solutions - Christian_Wertli@swissre.com

Carley Clifton - Senior Property Underwriter -  Carley_Clifton@swissre.com
Alex Forman - Head Casualty / Finpro - UK & Ireland - Alexander_Forman@swissre.com
Richard Gillham - Senior Property Underwriter - Richard_Gillham@swissre.com
Paul Hambling - Senior Executive Risks Underwriter - Paul_Hambling@swissre.com
Chris Hart - Head International Business - Chris_Hart@swissre.com

Kevin Wood - Claims Manager UK & Ireland - Kevin_Wood@swissre.com

Mary Bourke - Marketing & Communications Specialist - Mary_Bourke@swissre.com

Parametric solutions – quick payout for faster recovery
We live in an uncertain world where numerous forces, beyond your control, can impact your business. Concerns about larger, more complex risks directly related to business operations are on the rise. So too, is the interest and demand for parametric solutions which can help close gaps in tradition insurance cover.

The main advantages of parametric solutions is a quick, pre-agreed pay-out, which eliminates the need for  a claims investigation, issues with sub-limits, or investigations into extent of loss. They can also provide protection for loss events which have previously been deemed uninsurable. From mild winters to earthquakes to pandemics, regardless of your business, many types of phenomena can hurt your cash flow and your bottom line. Join our workshop to find out more.

Our interactive workshop will discuss:

  • How parametric solutions work?
  • What perils and risks can be covered?
  • The differences between a parametric cover, hybrid insurance and traditional insurance
  • Real examples of parametric solutions in action

Host - Christian Wertli, Head Innovative Risk Solutions, Swiss Re Corporate Solutions
Workshop A8, Monday 11th June 2:15 - 3:30

The AIRMIC Conference has become the most important event in the calendar for the insurance and risk management industry. The whole industry comes together to share experiences and influence forward thinking. The conference provides a vibrant platform for Swiss Re Corporate Solutions to highlight our broad, global commercial insurance offerings.

Read the summary from the 2018 event.


Liverpool Waterfront
ACC Congress Centre
Kings Dock,
Liverpool L3 4FP UK

GVNW 2018

Die GVNW ist Veranstalter des größten Industrieversicherungskongresses im deutschsprachigen Raum. Das GVNW Symposium findet im September in München statt. Mehr als 600 Teilnehmer aus der Industrieversicherung treffen sich dort.

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Healthcare Risk Management Update: Episode 15: Improving Child Physical Abuse Recognition

Our panel will present an overview of the current problems and the epidemiology of child abuse including hospital-based estimates and medical care involvement. We will describe decision aids and triggers to improve the quality of care in the emergency department. The panel will also explore enhancements in primary care involvement in child abuse care with Extension for Community Health Outcomes (ECHO).

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Apple, Akamai, Etsy and Swiss Re Collaborate to Accelerate Renewable Energy Development in Illinois and Virginia

Companies announced they are joining an agreement spearheaded by Apple that develops two new wind and solar energy farms. The two new projects will generate 290 megawatts to the PJM electric grid serving much of the Eastern United States.

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