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Join Swiss Re Corporate Solutions for its next, free risk management webinar, "Insuring Black Swans - Understanding Non-physical Damage Business Interruption Coverage."

In today's global economy, companies rely less on tangible properties for their continued operations and become more dependent on complex, world-wide supply chains. In addition, regulatory, reputational, cyber and other fortuitous risks threaten the long-term outlook of businesses. Unfortunately, traditional property damage and business interruption (PD/BI) policies do not necessarily protect corporations from all of the risks that may lead to a business interruption loss. That's why Swiss Re Corporate Solutions is a leader in developing customized solutions to protect corporations from business interruption losses that go beyond the coverages provided in traditional PD/BI policies.  

In this webinar, we'll discuss the various approaches to insured perils, defining triggers, structuring and indemnity for non-physical damage business interruption (NDBI) insurance. While we obviously cannot provide you with all the answers, we hope to stimulate your imagination about unique approaches to business interruption insurance that drive further discussions and solutions.

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Insuring Black Swans – Understanding Non-physical Damage Business Interruption Coverage

3D printing – From science fiction to reality

Although 3D printing sounds like something out of science fiction, it's increasingly part of our daily lives. Thanks to the exponential growth of this technology, almost anything you might want can be made ready to order. Already we've seen 3D printers create medical devices, cosmetics, toys, even food!

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Swiss Re Corporate Solutions voted #1 commercial insurer

The "2017 Risk Manager Choice Awards", a national survey conducted by Flaspöhler and commissioned by National Underwriter/Property Casualty 360, ranks Swiss Re Corporate Solutions as the #1 commercial insurer. Flaspöhler surveyed nearly 300 risk professionals and asked them to rank the top commercial insurers on eight factors critical to the success of their risk mitigation efforts.

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Cyber liability: Data breach in Europe

How often has your data been hacked? Have you received a notice from your bank recently about suspicious transactions? Have youalready adapted to the “new reality” of data (in)security? Although the topic of cyber security is much broader than the data breach example, the media focus is usually on data breaches, which occur at a much higher frequency than other cyber events. Because data breaches also, so far, generate most of the cyber-related insurance claims, we limit the scope of this publication to those types of events.

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