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Watch the recent Swiss Re Corporate Solutions webinar on the rise of NATCAT events and parametric solutions.

During the webinar we explain what parametric solutions are in more detail and provide real-life examples of how these solutions are helping corporations protect their balance sheet against adverse and catastrophic weather events.

We also highlight the key findings from our latest sigma publication on natural catastrophes. This includes information about the losses in 2016 from NATCAT events, which caused over USD $166 billion globally, and were punctuated by a high number of sizable disaster events, including earthquakes, storms, floods and wildfires, across all regions.

Watch the webinar recordings below!


Webinar - The rise of NATCAT events and parametric solutions (APAC)

Webinar - The rise of NATCAT events and parametric solutions (EMEA)

A Word About Wind - quarterly drinks in London

Swiss Re Corporate Solutions hosts and sponsors quarterly drinks event in cooperation with A Word About Wind at our iconic London offices at 30 St Mary Axe. These exclusive networking opportunities enable senior wind energy industry professionals to network with their counterparts working in finance and investment in the London City.

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African Energy Forum

The Africa Energy Forum (AEF) is the global investment meeting for Africa’s power, energy & infrastructure sectors. We are sponsoring and speaking at the event this year to highlight risk transfer possibilities for the continent's growing energy industry.

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Got Parametrics? Innovative Solutions for Nat Cat Perils

When a natural disaster strikes, there is a direct correlation between the conditions experienced locally during the event and the losses suffered on the ground. Parametric insurance products settle on the intensity of the experienced event and are linked to reputable, objective third-party sources, which are used to determine an insurance payout. They are designed to provide catastrophe coverage and complement, but not replace, traditional insurance coverage. Using this structure, parametric insurance payouts are quickly determined, easily measured, and effectively eliminate loss adjustment hassles

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