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Watch the recent Swiss Re Corporate Solutions webinar on the rise of NATCAT events and parametric solutions.

During the webinar we explain what parametric solutions are in more detail and provide real-life examples of how these solutions are helping corporations protect their balance sheet against adverse and catastrophic weather events.

We also highlight the key findings from our latest sigma publication on natural catastrophes. This includes information about the losses in 2016 from NATCAT events, which caused over USD $166 billion globally, and were punctuated by a high number of sizable disaster events, including earthquakes, storms, floods and wildfires, across all regions.

Watch the webinar recordings below!


Webinar - The rise of NATCAT events and parametric solutions (APAC)

Webinar - The rise of NATCAT events and parametric solutions (EMEA)

2018 STORM Season: Predictions and Protections

Join Swiss Re Corporate Solutions for our next risk management webinar on Wednesday, June 27, 2018 from 2:00-3:00 pm EST. Kirsten Orwig, PhD, Nat Cat Specialist and Cole Mayer, Structurer, Innovative Risk Solutions will discuss: 2018 hurricane season outlook • What factors are critical for hurricane development? • How reliable are seasonable forecasts? • What are the experts projecting for 2018? Parametric hurricane insurance: a non-traditional way to manage hurricane risk • What is parametric insurance? • How does the Swiss Re STORM product work? • What are the benefits of STORM and how can I use it?

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Parametric solutions - Overcoming the challenge

Against a backdrop of disruption to business models, a shift from tangible to intangible assets and associated changes to risk profiles, risk managers are seeking new products and services appropriate to the modern world.

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The future is now – Airmic 2018, Liverpool

Jake Algar, Head UK & Ireland, Swiss Re Corporate Solutions and a team of delegates from our UK business enjoyed an intense few days at #AIRMIC 2018 in Liverpool recently.

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