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Businesses engaged in mergers & acquisitions transactions face numerous potential liabilities. Transactional Risk insurance can clear a path to protect both buyers and sellers, and bridge gaps on deals that may be at impasse. Less risk leads to better deals.

Join Swiss Re Corporate Solutions and our MGA partner, Euclid Transactional, for the next installment of our Risk Management Webinar Series. We'll go deeper into what transactional liability insurance is, the types of policies written and key coverage provisions.

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Webinar – "Let's Make a Better Deal! Using Transactional Risk Insurance to Improve M&A"

Healthcare Risk Management Update: Episode 10 – Compliance with HIPAA: Unique Challenges for Long Term Facilities

Complying with the HIPAA Privacy Rule can pose unique challenges in the Long Term Care setting. Establishing and maintaining an effective program can be overwhelming as leadership team members make decisions on how to best utilize internal resources. There are complexities that are unique with respect to the resident population that pose challenges in clear understanding and consistent compliance by staff. This webinar serves to provide guidance and recommended practices for maintaining a HIPAA Compliance Program as well as recommended strategies specific to the Long Term Care environment.

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Wrong-Site. Wrong-Patient. Wrong-Procedure.

Serious safety events in the department of surgery are among the most severe errors that continue to endure in the healthcare industry. Wrong-site, wrong-patient and wrong-procedure errors continue to be the most prevalent sentinel event reported to the Joint Commission.

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Cyber risk in the construction industry: Is your business protected?

Design, engineering, and construction have a multitude of project risks. Most of these are identified, well-defined, and, hopefully, allocated to the party most capable of managing the risk. However cyber intrusion and its potential impact on your business – or your project owner's business – is probably the least appreciated of all construction risks, and it has no clear path to risk allocation or management.

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