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You can watch the webinar recording here.

Target Group
European risk and insurance decision makers, industry managers and experts across the entire food and beverage value chain.   

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To learn about how politics, science, business and risk engineering can make the European food industry more resilient. How can we produce more by using less? And how can we brace against volatilities in the market?

Themes and speakers
The agriculture and food industry is the largest European manufacturing sector in terms of jobs and value added according to the European Commission. Its role in fostering global food security is pivotal. The Food and Agriculture Organization projects an increase in food demand by 70% by 2050 to fight hunger and feed 2.3 billion people. In order to deliver on this, the European industry needs to create secure, resilient, conditions for production.

In this webinar, we will explore this dynamic from a political, scientific and a business angle, and we will address the role the risk industry can play in strengthening resilience across the sector.

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Missed the webinar on 30 January? Have a look at the recording below and learn from experts from politics, science, business and risk engineering:

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  • Juerg Trueb

    Juerg Trueb

    Head Weather, Agro & MGA | Swiss Re Corporate Solutions

  • Pal Øystein Stormorken

    Pal Øystein Stormorken

    VP Head of Partnership Strategy, Digital Farming | Yara International

  • Nina Buchmann

    Nina Buchmann

    Head of the Department of Environmental Systems Science; Founding Chair of the World Food System Center | ETH Zurich

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