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  • Agro insurance hotspot: Sri Lanka (PDF, 1.90mb)

    03 May 2016

    Agriculture employs one in three people in Sri Lanka and contributes
    over ten percent to export income. This important sector of the economy relies on rain – a resource that will become increasingly unpredictable with global warming. Protecting farmers against future floods and droughts is paramount to keep employment and income from this economic pillar growing.

  • Risk cities: Bangkok (PDF, 732kb)

    14 July 2015

    The impact of extreme weather is painful and expensive. This is because the world population and asset concentrations are increasing, especially in the cities of the developing world, many of which lie either on the coast or on major waterways close to it. Bangkok is one case in point. The latest edition in Swiss Re's Risky cities series examines the risks.

  • Flood focus: Vietnam (PDF, 613kb)

    26 June 2015

    Vietnam is one of the important high growth economies in Asia, but the country's major cities are prone to flooding due to being located on the coast or on flood plains. This publication examines these issues and offers solutions.

  • Agro insurance hotspot: Ivory Coast (PDF, 1.14mb)

    30 March 2015

    Agriculture is the vehicle for employment and economic growth in the Ivory Coast. Nearly seven out of ten work the land. Farming also contributes
    27% to its GDP. A large share of the income depends on the exports of coffee and cocoa. The latter has a 40% share of the world market. These
    seemingly thriving agricultural sectors are subjected to the vagaries of nature, such as floods, droughts and wildfires.


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