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  • <em>sigma</em> 3/2017: 2016 年度世界保险业: 中国继续强劲增长 (PDF, 3.92mb)

    21 August 2017

    Growth in the global economy was little changed in 2016 from the previous year with real gross domestic product (GDP) up 2.5%. Advanced economies’ GDP remained below the pre-financial crisis average, but was slightly above the annual average of the previous 10 years. Emerging market growth picked up only marginally, and was still far below the 10-year average.

  • 4/2014 2014年第4期 责任险理赔趋势:新兴风险与经济因素反弹
    (PDF, 1.09mb)

    15 September 2014

    Liability claims have been lower-than-expected in recent years. This has boosted insurers' profitability despite declining liability prices, says Swiss Re's latest sigma study "Liability claims trends: emerging risks and rebounding drivers". The weak economic growth environment has been a key reason for benign claims. However, new risks and stronger economic growth will increase claims severity and generate more demand for liability insurance.