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  • 2018 STORM Season: Predictions and Protections

    27 June 2018

    What factors are critical for hurricane development? How reliable are seasonable forecasts? What is parametric insurance? These and many other topics were discussed during Swiss Re Corporate Solutions' risk management webinar on Wednesday, June 27, 2018 with Kirsten Orwig, PhD, Nat Cat Specialist and Cole Mayer, Structurer, Innovative Risk Solutions.

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  • Closing the gap: Pooling risk in Central America and the Caribbean (PDF, 354kb)

    18 May 2018

    Since 1980, nine countries in Central America and the Caribbean have had at least half of their annual gross domestic product (GDP) wiped out by a natural catastrophe. The 2010 earthquake in Haiti had an estimated impact of 120% of GDP.

  • Closing the gap: A sovereign insurance pool for Africa (PDF, 477kb)

    18 May 2018

    With 65% of the workforce employed in agriculture, millions of people living in sub-Saharan Africa depend on farming not only for food, but also for incomes and livelihoods. Without enough rain to feed the land, the effects can be devastating.

  • African Energy Forum

    07 - 09 June 2017

    The Africa Energy Forum (AEF) is the global investment meeting for Africa’s power, energy & infrastructure sectors. We are sponsoring and speaking at the event this year to highlight risk transfer possibilities for the continent's growing energy industry.

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  • Got Parametrics? Innovative Solutions for Nat Cat Perils

    07 June 2017

    Bob Nusslein, Head Innovative Risk Solutions Americas and David Langman, Head Innovation Sales North America provide expert insights on applying parametric solutions to address nat cat perils, comparing traditional insurance and parametric cover, along with real world examples and case studies for successfully implementing effective parametric solutions.

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  • Webinar - The rise of NATCAT events and parametric solutions

    26 April 2017

    Watch the recent Swiss Re Corporate Solutions webinar on the rise of NATCAT events and parametric solutions. During the webinar we'll explain what parametric solutions are in more detail and provide real-life examples of how these solutions are helping corporations protect their balance sheet against adverse and catastrophic weather events.

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  • Mantenerse a flote – El riesgo de inundación en Argentina (short vs.) (PDF, 414kb)

    06 October 2016

    En los últimos 50 años, 75 grandes inundaciones fueron reportadas en el país, afectando a 13 millones de personas y causando más de 500 decesos. Con pérdidas equivalentes a USD 22 500 millones desde 1980, las inundaciones son la catástrofe natural
    más costosa que afecta al país. Ajustado al crecimiento del PBI argentino, estos eventos hubieran causado hoy pérdidas
    acumuladas por USD 43 500 millones.

  • Staying afloat Flood Risk in Argentina (long version) (PDF, 2.15mb)

    06 October 2016

    In the late afternoon of 2 April 2013, rain started pouring down like many other days in La Plata. In just a few hours, 200 mm fell over the city. It did not take long before the roads turned into rivers, and these rivers into fatal traps. Looking from the window of her home in La Plata, Noelia eventually found herself staring at the water as it burst
    violently into her house.

  • Mantenerse a flote - El riesgo de inundación en Argentina (PDF, 1.99mb)

    06 October 2016

    Durante la tarde del 2 de abril de 2013, comenzó a llover como muchos otros días en la Plata. En unas pocas horas, cayeron 200 milímetros sobre la ciudad. No pasó mucho tiempo hasta que las calles se transformaron en ríos, y estos en trampas fatales. Mientras miraba por la ventana de su casa en La Plata, Noelia se encontró,
    de repente, viendo como el agua irrumpía violentamente en su hogar.

  • Big data approaches to crop insurance in Asia (PDF, 972kb)

    17 August 2016

    Administering crop insurance in Asian countries with small fragmented agriculture land holdings is an expensive affair, but
    costs can be substantially lowered with the introduction of index-based or parametric insurance schemes. These are managed,
    however, through relatively generic data measurements that do not always capture the experiences of individual farmers.

  • Risk cities: Bangkok (PDF, 732kb)

    14 July 2015

    The impact of extreme weather is painful and expensive. This is because the world population and asset concentrations are increasing, especially in the cities of the developing world, many of which lie either on the coast or on major waterways close to it. Bangkok is one case in point. The latest edition in Swiss Re's Risky cities series examines the risks.

  • Risky cities: Istanbul (PDF, 3.63mb)

    17 April 2015

    Istanbul is Turkey‘s powerhouse, generating more than 40% of the country‘s GDP. The 14 million people in its metropolitan area live under the constant threat of severe earthquakes. And the next one could very well be just around the corner.

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