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Your face is your new PIN: The rise of biometrics

Imagine this – you're traveling abroad and run out of cash. You find the nearest ATM, take a selfie and instantly gain access to your bank account. Sound like a scene from a movie? It's closer to reality than you may think.

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The first-ever typhoon warning insurance product for businesses operating in Hong Kong

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3D printing – From science fiction to reality

Although 3D printing sounds like something out of science fiction, it's increasingly part of our daily lives. Thanks to the exponential growth of this technology, almost anything you might want can be made ready to order. Already we've seen 3D printers create medical devices, cosmetics, toys, even food!

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New agricultural insurance product launched in Spain

We entered the Spanish market this year with a new product tailored to the specific needs of Spanish cooperatives and able to cover gaps in farmers' protection.

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Reputational risk: your reputation, our risk

Reputation is an abstract concept. Everyone agrees that it’s important; business gurus consistently place reputation near the top of any organisation’s assets. At the same time, it’s almost impossible to measure. How do you define reputational damage? What is the cost of reputational loss?

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The greater the regulation, the greater the risk

Business interruption (BI) is widely feared in the corporate world. It also comes in many forms, such as cyber-attack, terrorism or natural disaster. Furthermore, the BI risk landscape is always changing in line with the broader operating environment.

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Do you worry about losing revenue? There may be a solution.

A real estate company in the hospitality sector was concerned about occupancy rates in its hotel rooms. In their business, occupancy equates to revenue and this company needed stable income to underpin their business plans and optimise operations.

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sigma 2/2017 - Natural catastrophes and man-made disasters in 2016

Total economic losses and global insured losses from natural catastrophes and man-made disasters in 2016 were the highest since 2012, reversing the downtrend of the previous four years.

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Cyber liability: Data breach in Europe

How often has your data been hacked? Have you received a notice from your bank recently about suspicious transactions? Have youalready adapted to the “new reality” of data (in)security?
Although the topic of cyber security is much broader than the data breach example, the media focus is usually on data breaches, which occur at a much higher frequency than other cyber events. Because
data breaches also, so far, generate most of the cyber-related insurance claims, we limit the scope of this publication to those types of events.

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sigma 1/2017 - Cyber: Getting to grips with a complex risk

Cyber risk is a growing concern for businesses. Insurance can play a role to boost resilience, but firms will need to work with their insurers to create a market that is sustainable.

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One Construction: Your single point of contact for all your construction coverage needs

From tunneling to mining projects and renewables to large-scale infrastructure projects, the risks faced by construction project owners and contractors today are complex. The basket of insurance policies for one project can range from surety bonds through to cargo, construction all-risk covers, liability, professional indemnity, to operational covers and long term defect protection after completion.

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Swiss Re Corporate Solutions wins Best International Campaign at the Swiss Sponsorship Awards

Swiss Re Corporate Solutions won Best International Campaign at the Swiss Sponsorship Awards ceremony in Zurich. This award recognized our partnership with Solar Impulse, an aircraft that can fly day and night using only solar energy, during its around-the-world flight.

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