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Casualty Risk Trends: Food industry

In the last century, many regions of the world transitioned from agricultural to industrial and service economies. Consequently, a large fraction of the global population no longer feeds itself, but relies on others for its supplies, leading to the emergence of global food supply chains.

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Advocating for renewable energy

For the fourth consecutive year, Swiss Re Corporate Solutions is a proud sponsor of the solar car racing team from Delft University of Technology in the Netherlands.

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Avoiding food recalls from foreign body contamination

Manzhi Zheng, senior casualty underwriter discusses how food and beverage businesses are vulnerable to foreign body contamination and how they can protect against the product recall costs involved with these contamination events.

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Casualty Risk Trends: Manufacturing industry

The recovery of the oil price and access to non-conventional resources are key drivers of the booming oil industry. Several factors, such as innovative technologies, aged infrastructure, international regulatory changes and scarcity of skilled labor (mainly in the US), are challenges that the industry is being faced with. These circumstances are having a significant impact on the industry’s casualty risk landscape.

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An international insurance programme proposition built ‘from scratch’ delivers speed and accuracy

Swiss Re Corporate Solutions aims to steal a march on the competition with an integrated approach to writing international insurance programmes, according to Chris Hart, head of international business, Swiss Re Corporate Solutions.

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Windstorm Preparedness Guide

Windstorms, hurricanes and tropical cyclones create a significant threat to coastal areas around the globe. Use this guide to ensure you are prepared to withstand a high wind event.

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The benefits of inherent defect insurance cover

To highlight the benefits of an inherent defect insurance (IDI) cover it is useful to consider a hypothetical claim scenario: Imagine a large mixed-use commercial development with three below-ground levels.

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Food safety in a globalised world

Contaminated meat, mislabeled packaging, tainted baby formula – food recalls have become a regular feature in today’s headlines. The reason is clear: we all eat and we want to be sure that what we and our loved ones consume is safe and wholesome.

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L'Aquila, 10 years on

Starting in 2017, policy makers in Italy have introduced much-needed incentives to encourage uptake of earthquake insurance and retrofitting to make buildings more earthquake resilient.

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The new Swiss Re Institute sigma examines the cost of last year's extreme weather.

The combined insured losses of 2017 and 2018 reached USD 219 billion, the highest ever for a consecutive two-year period.

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25 August 2019

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