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Casualty Risk Trends: Food industry

In the last century, many regions of the world transitioned from agricultural to industrial and service economies. Consequently, a large fraction of the global population no longer feeds itself, but relies on others for its supplies, leading to the emergence of global food supply chains.

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Advocating for renewable energy

For the fourth consecutive year, Swiss Re Corporate Solutions is a proud sponsor of the solar car racing team from Delft University of Technology in the Netherlands.

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Casualty Risk Trends: Manufacturing industry

The recovery of the oil price and access to non-conventional resources are key drivers of the booming oil industry. Several factors, such as innovative technologies, aged infrastructure, international regulatory changes and scarcity of skilled labor (mainly in the US), are challenges that the industry is being faced with. These circumstances are having a significant impact on the industry’s casualty risk landscape.

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An international insurance programme proposition built ‘from scratch’ delivers speed and accuracy

Swiss Re Corporate Solutions aims to steal a march on the competition with an integrated approach to writing international insurance programmes, according to Chris Hart, head of international business, Swiss Re Corporate Solutions.

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Windstorm Preparedness Guide

Windstorms, hurricanes and tropical cyclones create a significant threat to coastal areas around the globe. Use this guide to ensure you are prepared to withstand a high wind event.

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Flood Preparedness Guide

Floods around the world are both frequent and costly and being prepared can dramatically change the outcome. Are you prepared? Use this guide to help you understand your flood risks and to develop plans for mitigating flood damage.

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CyberSolution 360°: Combined cyber insurance and protection services tailored for SMEs

The cyber security part of the solution monitors SMEs` three main points of a cyber attack – websites, emails and endpoints – to make sure they are protected 24/7.

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CyberSolution 360°: Une solution unique de Cyber Sécurité conçue pour les PME

Le site Web, les e-mails et les postes de travail, les trois principaux vecteurs d'attaque contre les PME, sont protégés 24 h/24 par la partie Cyber Sécurité de la solution.

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Discover the Casualty Risk Trends reports

Don't miss our casualty risk trends reports. They are available for download!

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Casualty Risk Trends: Automotive industry

The automotive industry is facing the biggest upheavals in its history, given the trends in electro mobility and autonomous driving. The convergence of various technologies and upcoming automotive trends are having a significant impact on the industry’s casualty insurance risk landscape.

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Casualty Risk Trends: Pharmaceutical industry

While pharmaceutical revenues are traditionally derived from a few products that are heavily marketed, decreasing R&D productivity together with pricing and reimbursement hurdles are driving change in the industry. The emergence of novel and advanced therapies is also creating new opportunities.

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