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3 reasons why parametric insurance solutions are more relevant than ever

Why are more and more organizations starting to look at parametric solutions? Here are three reasons why parametric insurance solutions have moved higher up on the priority list for businesses today.

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A hitchhiker's guide to smart contracts

Does a contract have to involve people? In the future, maybe not. Thanks to blockchain technology, computer code is gradually taking the place of banks, governments and the legal system.

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Constructing the future: recent developments in engineering insurance

New technologies in construction will fundamentally alter the risk landscape for engineering insurance. They could significantly increase efficiency and include enhanced monitoring, mitigation and management of engineering-related risks, but they also create new risks, like cyber.

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Mehrjahres- und Mehrspartenprogramme: Ein ganzheitlicher Risikomanagementansatz

Haben Sie Interesse von, Versicherung-Preisstabilität und einer effizienteren Risikostreuung zu profitieren?

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Finanzielle Versicherung zum Schutz vor Ertragsausfällen nach Naturkatastrophen

Haben Sie Interesse Ihre Rentabilität in Ihren wichtigsten Märkten zu schützen?

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Growthsurance™: Mit uns arbeiten, mit uns wachsen

Haben Sie Interesse das Wachstum Ihres Unternehmens zu schützen und gleichzeitig Risiken zu minimieren?

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Natural catastrophes and man-made disasters in 2017: a year of record-breaking losses

At USD 144 billion, the insured losses from natural and man-made disasters worldwide in 2017 were the highest ever recorded in a single year.

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Modern tunnelling risk

As a review of the Tunnel Code of Practice gets underway Tunnels & Tunnelling talks to the insurers behind London’s Crossrail which broke new ground in project insurance.

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Companies face an ever-evolving range of exposures calling for innovative insurance solutions

There is a growing range of innovative risk transfer solutions to cover the ever-evolving range of exposures facing business today. Product development and innovation around data and data analytics have expanded the scope of insurance solutions to a wider range of threats and perils.

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Auto-telematics 101

We're living in an age of connectivity where new technology is constantly evolving to help bring us closer together. So it should come as no surprise that technology is revolutionising how we interact with our cars – and our insurers.

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Your face is your new PIN: The rise of biometrics

Imagine this – you're traveling abroad and run out of cash. You find the nearest ATM, take a selfie and instantly gain access to your bank account. Sound like a scene from a movie? It's closer to reality than you may think.

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3D printing – From science fiction to reality

Although 3D printing sounds like something out of science fiction, it's increasingly part of our daily lives. Thanks to the exponential growth of this technology, almost anything you might want can be made ready to order. Already we've seen 3D printers create medical devices, cosmetics, toys, even food!

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