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New agricultural insurance product launched in Spain

We entered the Spanish market this year with a new product tailored to the specific needs of Spanish cooperatives and able to cover gaps in farmers' protection.

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Agriculture: a precarious occupation? Not with Swiss Re Corporate Solutions

Swiss Re Corporate Solutions specialises in the food and agriculture sector. We have experienced underwriting teams equipped to provide innovative, multi-line risk transfer solutions spanning the entire industry.

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Swiss Re Corporate Solutions celebra com a Agrícola Xingu o primeiro contrato de seguro paramétrico...

Essa modalidade de seguro contribuiu para a resiliência financeira das empresas ao minimizar eventuais perdas em seus resultados diante de eventos climáticos imprevisíveis

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Swiss Re Corporate Solutions offers the first climate-indexed parametric insurance policy in Brazil

Parametric insurance helps make companies more financially resilient by minimising slumps in their profits resulting from unforeseen climate events.

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Meeting the cream of the crop at Global Grain Geneva

Swiss Re Corporate Solutions Food & Agricultural team attended the 10th Annual Global Grain Conference, the world's premier trading event for the leading trading companies in grain, oil seeds, soft commodities and energy markets in Geneva from 13 – 15 November.

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Energy, food and water for all – a huge challenge for the 21st century

Our growing global population needs access to power, food and water to survive and thrive. But changing weather patterns call for a new approach to resilient energy infrastructure.

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Brazil: the future breadbasket of the world?

With 329 million hectares of arable land and recent export figures reaching record levels, Brazil has what it takes to become the world's largest food supplier. This was also the assessment of Roberto Rodrigues, former Brazilian Minister of Agriculture, speaking at a recent event hosted by Swiss Re Corporate Solutions in São Paulo.

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25 August 2019

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