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Gas price hedge contingent on force majeure: Swiss Re Corporate Solutions rises to the challenge

As the risk landscape evolves, companies are taking a closer look at their resilience to risk. They are particularly interested in those risks that aren’t covered by conventional insurance policies. It was in this spirit that an energy company contacted Swiss Re Corporate Solutions with a view to insuring its exposure to a force majeure event.

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Solar Impulse

Swiss Re Corporate Solutions and Solar Impulse: shaping the future of renewable energy

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Cyber risk in energy sector: Is digitalisation making energy infrastructure more vulnerable?

With the proliferation of smart grids, smart meters and digital oil fields, the global energy sector is becoming increasingly interconnected, automated and digitalised. Technological advances have many benefits, such as improved efficiency, but they also make the energy supply chain more vulnerable to cyber-attacks.

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Financing resilient energy infrastructure

The publication summarises three comprehensive studies focusing on key risks the global energy sector needs to manage: extreme weather, energy-water-food dependencies and cybercrime.

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Energy, food and water for all – a huge challenge for the 21st century

Our growing global population needs access to power, food and water to survive and thrive. But changing weather patterns call for a new approach to resilient energy infrastructure.

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Building energy infrastructure for extreme weather

When Hurricane Sandy turned the lights off in Manhattan in 2012, it became clear that our energy infrastructure is not built to withstand extreme weather events. Swiss Re Corporate Solutions joined forces with Marsh & McLennan Companies and the World Energy Council to produce a series of reports about how to make our energy sources fit for the future.

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Legal Notice

25 August 2019

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