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Constructing the future: recent developments in engineering insurance

New technologies in construction will fundamentally alter the risk landscape for engineering insurance. They could significantly increase efficiency and include enhanced monitoring, mitigation and management of engineering-related risks, but they also create new risks, like cyber.

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Modern tunnelling risk

As a review of the Tunnel Code of Practice gets underway Tunnels & Tunnelling talks to the insurers behind London’s Crossrail which broke new ground in project insurance.

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One Construction: Your single point of contact for all your construction coverage needs

From tunnelling to mining projects and renewables to large-scale infrastructure projects, the risks faced by construction project owners and contractors today are complex. The basket of insurance policies for one project can range from surety bonds through to cargo, construction all-risk covers, liability, professional indemnity, to operational covers and long term defect protection after completion.

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Swiss Re Corporate Solutions helps connect East and West London: A major contribution to urban resilience

The London Crossrail project is a 21st century marvel. When it's finally completed towards the end of 2019, this major new railway line will straddle London from east to west. This GBP 14.8 billion project is a major enhancement of the city's transport infrastructure that will strengthen the economic resilience of one of the world's largest urban centres.

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New York Labor Law Sections 240 and 241 and priority of coverage

From the revitalization of downtown Buffalo to new high-rises in the Battery, New York is experiencing a building boom. According to New York City Mayor Bill DiBlasio's website, 88 million square feet of new construction were built in New York City in 2015, a 329% increase since 2009. The site also boasts a 517% increase in new housing units since 2009, with 62,040 new units built last year.

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Cyber risk in the construction industry: Is your business protected?

Design, engineering, and construction have a multitude of project risks. Most of these are identified, well-defined, and, hopefully, allocated to the party most capable of managing the risk. However cyber intrusion and its potential impact on your business – or your project owner's business – is probably the least appreciated of all construction risks, and it has no clear path to risk allocation or management.

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25 August 2019

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