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Mehrjahres- und Mehrspartenprogramme: Ein ganzheitlicher Risikomanagementansatz

Haben Sie Interesse von, Versicherung-Preisstabilität und einer effizienteren Risikostreuung zu profitieren?

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Finanzielle Versicherung zum Schutz vor Ertragsausfällen nach Naturkatastrophen

Haben Sie Interesse Ihre Rentabilität in Ihren wichtigsten Märkten zu schützen?

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Growthsurance™: Mit uns arbeiten, mit uns wachsen

Haben Sie Interesse das Wachstum Ihres Unternehmens zu schützen und gleichzeitig Risiken zu minimieren?

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Reputational risk: your reputation, our risk

Reputation is an abstract concept. Everyone agrees that it’s important; business gurus consistently place reputation near the top of any organisation’s assets. At the same time, it’s almost impossible to measure. How do you define reputational damage? What is the cost of reputational loss?

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The greater the regulation, the greater the risk

Business interruption (BI) is widely feared in the corporate world. It also comes in many forms, such as cyber-attack, terrorism or natural disaster. Furthermore, the BI risk landscape is always changing in line with the broader operating environment.

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Do you worry about losing revenue? There may be a solution.

A real estate company in the hospitality sector was concerned about occupancy rates in its hotel rooms. In their business, occupancy equates to revenue and this company needed stable income to underpin their business plans and optimise operations.

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Growthsurance™: Work with us, grow your business

Growthsurance™ is a Swiss Re Corporate Solutions trademark, which we registered in 2015. It represents a concept whereby we help our clients to achieve growth by managing the risks involved in their business development initiatives.

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Parametric natural catastrophe cover
Don’t let the weather ruin your business

Parametric insurance solutions provide security that you won’t find with more conventional insurance products. The distinguishing feature of parametric insurance is that it depends on an external event, for example a hurricane or earthquake. If this insured event occurs, you receive compensation, which is graded according to the severity of the incident.

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Gas price hedge contingent on force majeure: Swiss Re Corporate Solutions rises to the challenge

As the risk landscape evolves, companies are taking a closer look at their resilience to risk. They are particularly interested in those risks that aren’t covered by conventional insurance policies. It was in this spirit that an energy company contacted Swiss Re Corporate Solutions with a view to insuring its exposure to a force majeure event.

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Multi-year, multi-line cover: A holistic approach to risk management

Swiss Re Corporate Solutions believes in a practical, incisive approach to business. We understand that our clients have specific requirements, which can be complicated. Our job is to cut through complexities and complications and present a solution that works for the client.

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Non-physical damage financial loss: Taking business interruption protection to the next level

Traditional business interruption (BI) cover is usually triggered by property damage, for example a fire or flood. As a result, those events which don’t actually damage property but can still disrupt operations can fly under the radar. What if, for example, a supplier were unable to complete a vital delivery or a major cyberattack were to cause computer systems to shut down.

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Aggregate stop loss cover: The best of both worlds

Swiss Re Corporate Solutions was approached by an energy company, which insures its property risks through a captive. This company wanted to offload its major risks while retaining those risks it could cover without having to increase its captive’s capital reserves.

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