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A hitchhiker's guide to smart contracts

Does a contract have to involve people? In the future, maybe not. Thanks to blockchain technology, computer code is gradually taking the place of banks, governments and the legal system.

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Swiss Re Corporate Solutions leading with confidence at FERMA Forum 2017

Swiss Re Corporate Solutions participated as a gold partner of the bi-annual Federation of European Risk Managers Association (FERMA) Forum, which took place in Monte Carlo from 15-18 October.

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Auto-telematics 101

We're living in an age of connectivity where new technology is constantly evolving to help bring us closer together. So it should come as no surprise that technology is revolutionising how we interact with our cars – and our insurers.

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Your face is your new PIN: The rise of biometrics

Imagine this – you're traveling abroad and run out of cash. You find the nearest ATM, take a selfie and instantly gain access to your bank account. Sound like a scene from a movie? It's closer to reality than you may think.

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Legal Notice

25 August 2019

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