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sigma 2/2017 - Natural catastrophes and man-made disasters in 2016

Total economic losses and global insured losses from natural catastrophes and man-made disasters in 2016 were the highest since 2012, reversing the downtrend of the previous four years.

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Parametric natural catastrophe cover
Don’t let the weather ruin your business

Parametric insurance solutions provide security that you won’t find with more conventional insurance products. The distinguishing feature of parametric insurance is that it depends on an external event, for example a hurricane or earthquake. If this insured event occurs, you receive compensation, which is graded according to the severity of the incident.

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Parametric insurance: With the right partner, there’s always an answer

Have you ever heard of a retailer taking out insurance against poor sales revenue? At first glance, it’s not the sort of risk you would normally consider insurable. However, if you dig deeper it’s not as fanciful as it may seem.

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Legal Notice

25 August 2019

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