5 industry experts on insurance renewals and the hard market

Commercial insurance customers have experienced a soft market for a very long time and almost started to believe that it would stay this way forever. So, when the market started to harden it was quite a surprise. The question now is for how long will it continue and how should corporates deal with it?

Clients are facing tougher pricing and the tightening up of terms and conditions as insurers exit certain lines of business.
Reto Collenberg, Head International Programs EMEA at Swiss Re Corporate Solutions

Reto Collenberg and four other industry experts discuss the challenges of the hard market for the different lines of businesses and industry overall.

Learn about their views on:

  • the pricing environment for European multinational companies and their global programs/specialty covers
  • which lines are the most distressed in terms of rates and terms and conditions
  • the capacity issue or new capacity entering the markets
  • customers’ greater use of captives and alternative solutions

Originally published in Commercial Risk’s Global Risk Manager on 8 August 2021 – Read here


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