One Construction

Your single point of contact for all your construction coverage needs

From tunnelling to mining projects and renewables to large-scale infrastructure projects, the risks faced by construction project owners and contractors today are complex. The basket of insurance policies for one project can range from surety bonds through to cargo, construction all-risk covers, liability, professional indemnity, to operational covers and long term defect protection after completion.

To make matters more complicated the insurance coverages are needed at different times during a construction project life cycle. This exposes the project to possible gaps and overlaps in insurance coverage, resulting in inefficiencies and the potential to endanger the viability and attractiveness of a construction to potential lenders and investors.

That's why we created One Construction, a modular solution that covers all your insurance and financial coverage needs across the entire project life cycle from construction to operational phase.

By moving away from the traditional fragmented approach to insurance buying, projects will benefit from a flexible approach, combining traditional and innovative risk solutions designed to address very specific risk profiles.