Employer Captive Solutions

Our Ability

A properly designed captive arrangement can provide many advantages for an employer. The Swiss Re Corporate Solutions, Accident & Health Group provides employer captive solutions offering coverage options for single parent, homogenous and heterogenous captive cells.

Our Advantages

Captive insurance is an alternative to a traditional self-funded or fully insured arrangement in which a single employer or various employer groups form or join a licensed insurance company to provide coverage for itself. Participating in a captive allows the employer to avoid the volatile traditional insurance market. Funding benefit risk through a captive gives employers greater flexibility in designing their employee benefit programs. Flexibility leads to financial gains with the added benefit of participating in a shared risk program owned by the employer which allows for return of any profits back to the employer.

Whether it's a single parent or group captive, a captive puts the control back in the employer's hands to provide a greater sense of control, improve cash flow management, mitigate risk, and reduce volatility in premium increases and share in profits.

Our Accountability

You're not alone. Backed by the financial strength of Swiss Re Corporate Solutions as well as our claims commitment and dedication to service, our captive allows an employer group the flexibility to meet the specific needs of their company. A captive gives the employer the opportunity to spend only the money they use while controlling their own risk in a stable environment.

Our National Employer Captive Program

Our National Employer Captive program is a heterogenous cell designed for the 50-400 enrolled market. This cell is designed for the small to middle market employer groups to leverage the benefits of captive insurance. Our benefit captive allows an employer to join in ownership of an insurance company with like-minded employers, providing both peer support and long-term financial stability working in harmony to collectively control risk.