Political Risk Insurance & Sovereign Credit Risk

Facilitating international trade and investment

Swiss Re Corporate Solutions offers political risk and sovereign credit risk insurance to help corporates and financial institutions facilitate international trade and investment. We do so by providing confidence against sovereign or state-owned enterprise buyer or borrower default and insolvency as well as peace of mind against the political uncertainties of doing business in emerging markets.

Political Risks and Sovereign Credit Risks - Insuring uncertain futures

We offer policies that can be tailored to cover a wide range of political risks including:

  • Failure of a government entity or a state-owned enterprise to honor payment obligations under a loan agreement, guarantee, or commercial contract
  • Financial loss caused by unilateral repudiation or breach of contract by a government entity or a state-owned enterprise
  • Sovereign action or inaction which impedes or frustrates a commercial contract
  • Seizure, expropriation or confiscation of fixed or movable assets which are owned or leased
  • The cancellation of in force import/export licenses or operating licenses
  • Inability to repatriate equipment following the completion of a contract
  • Politically motivated violence that results in physical damage to assets or forced abandonment and evacuation that results in equipment being left behind
  • Inability to repatriate profits or convert currency earned in a foreign country
  • Refusal to pay arbitration awards