US Property Industry Enhancements: Real Estate

Simplified property form

  • Base contract of less than 20 pages
  • Common language use as much as possible
  • USD 1,000 minimum all other perils deductible

Suite of enhancements

Industry enhancement

The industry enhancement for real estate is automatically added to every eligible risk in the industry. This automatic industry enhancement includes:

  • Evacuation expense
  • Leasehold interest
  • Rent free period
  • Soft costs
  • Tenant relocation and move-back expenses
  • Tracing and accessing water and oil damage

For select risks, we can also provide:

  • Warehouseman legal liability
  • Warehouseman legal liability, post-judgement interest only

Optional enhancement

  • Auto quoted for fixed limits: USD 150K, USD 250K, USD 500K and USD 1M
  • Applies on a per-location basis
  • Sits excess of any individual coverage purchased separately
  • Includes all of the following coverages:
    • Accounts receivable
    • Debris removal
    • Electronic data processing media
    • Fine arts
    • Fire and police service charges
    • Personal property of others
    • Valuable papers and records

Tech-enabled underwriting

  • Only ask need to know questions


Notable coverages included in our Swiss Re Corporate Solutions Property coverage part

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Physical damage

Demolition and increased cost of construction
Miscellaneous unnamed locations
Newly acquired property – 180 days from date of acquisition
Valuable papers and records

Property Industry Enhancements