US Property target industries

Elevate US Property


Business Activity

Commercial Real Estate

Office buildings: low, mid-rise (≤ 30 m, ≤ 10 stories)

Cultural Institutions

Exhibition hall (without exhibition objects)
Museum (without exhibition objects)


Schools (Private and Trade)
University or college (including dormitories)


Concert hall or theatre
Exhibition hall (without exhibition objects)
Film, television, radio studio

Food & Beverage


Brewery or winery
Chocolate factory
Non-alcoholic beverage plant (mixing and bottling)

Health Services

Hospital: low, mid-rise (≤ 30 m, ≤ 10 stories)
Medical day care center


Hotel: low, mid-rise (≤ 30 m, ≤ 10 stories)
Vacation resort


Brick or tile factory
Concrete parts factory (prefabrication)
Electric motors, machines, appliances manufacturing plant
Light machinery production, assembly plant (including non-electric engines)
Lightweight slab factory
Manufacturing, assembly plant for electronic or high tech products: without clean room
Metal working and assembly (light metal working) - metal products factory
Nonferrous metal processing - metal products factory
Stone slab or paving stone factory
Watches factory
Wire factory (bare wire)


Department store including retail trade
Shopping center or strip mall
Wholesale trading store

Tech and Telecom

Call center
Electronic data processing (EDP) center
Mass and custom software (burning of CD,  DVD, packaging) – manufacturing plant
Optics, telescope, camera, laser manufacturing plant
Switching center


Air traffic control center
Aircraft hangar without maintenance
Covered above ground parking garage or yard (including high rise garage)
General airport services (excluding airport terminals)
Parking yard (not covered)
Road traffic services, station, operation center

​US Property