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Globalisation and digitalisation are transforming the way we do business. Change brings new opportunities – and new and unexpected complexities. We help you successfully navigate the global risks you face today and anticipate the challenges of tomorrow.

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We are a reliable partner all around the world. Our global network in more than 150 countries allows us to serve customers with international exposures.

Our international programme offering is built around your needs. We listen to you to understand what really makes a difference when managing international exposures. In short, it comes down to being responsive, reliable and results-focused. You benefit from a committed team with decades of global programmes experience that speaks your language and understands local nuances.

We are a technology-driven company. Purpose-built platforms, digital processes and online servicing capabilities help manage complex global insurance structures while being efficient in execution. PULSE, for instance, is an online customer portal that allows you, and your broker, to monitor and manage your multinational insurance programme from one central place. ONE Form, as another example, issues globally standardised master and local policies automatically. Embedded in our IT systems it allows you to receive more accurate policies, faster.

Deep insights into your current and future global risks. Our extensive risk knowledge, innovative risk transfer solutions and loss prevention expertise help to protect your company against a wide range of risks wherever you do business. Additionally, our industry-leading claims service means you can expect a claims process that is transparent and customer-focused.

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Swiss Re Corporate Solutions offers the above products through carriers that are allowed to operate in the relevant type of insurance or reinsurance in individual jurisdictions. Availability of products varies by jurisdiction. This communication is not intended as a solicitation to purchase (re)insurance.


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Head International Program Proposition

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