How can PULSE support you?

Find out if our technology platform is the best solution for you

Efficiency gains

A centralised and integrated platform that streamlines and automates the process, saving you time, money and effort.

  • Innovative and highly competitive PULSE international program administration platform for easy handling including program structuring, quote and exposure management  
  • Everything related to an international insured in one platform allowing transparent and efficient management of the customers 
  • Streamlined communication with own Network 
  • Local Best Standard wordings integrated into the process to ensure best coverage for the customers 

Compliance assurance

Optimising the handling of exposure and risk information. Ensuring clear and regularly updated information, with increased accuracy, so you can be confident of reliable and compliant coverage 

  • A compliance tool to ensure reliable coverage taking into account the complexities of cross border transactions 
  • Our country information tool facilitates understanding of local requirements, capabilities and restrictions   
  • Glossary module allowing the integration of own Underwriting Standards and controls 
  • Important process and compliance information is directly integrated into the underwriting process

Increased transparency & control

Real time information in a standardised and user-friendly interface lets you track end to end progress of your quotes, policies and cash movements for invoicing and claims.

  • Push notifications provide you with important updates on key activities and events 
  • Status and communication management directly in the platform always ensuring up-to-date information 
  • Management of local and global customers in the same platform, including claims management 
  • Reporting functionalities provide access to consolidated portfolio and program data

Improved customer service

All program details and communications are captured within our PULSE platform, enabling a single comprehensive view from a customer perspective and higher quality delivery of policy, premium and claims services 

  • KPIs available to track and measure your commitments to the customers, such as policy issuance, premium payment, etc. 
  • Through the Knowledge Base information ensuring that insureds receive a compliant program 
  • Transparent overview of the terms and conditions of each local policy 
  • Knowledge database to draw on to better service your customers

Innovative products and services

Through our state-of-the-art platform and innovative services, we provide key stakeholders the tools to best manage their risks, broadening access to, and transforming the International Program market.

  • Access to new innovative products  
  • International program administration platform with allowing the End-2-End management from quote to renewal in suite 
  • Software as a Service (SaaS) offering resulting in no maintenance cost for the user 
  • Integration ready and API First architecture to allow data exchange with your own system landscape 
  • Access to our Swiss Re Connect layer to exchange information between market participants