At Swiss Re Corporate Solutions, sustainability is key to our mission, ambition and principles.

For our clients, we have observed that there are increasing concerns that the impact of climate change and global warming could have on the environment and their business operations. Consequently, these climate risks have become catalysts for governments, organisations and corporates to spur into action, with increased commitment to explore varying means to mitigate such climate change associated risks.

From understanding the risk implications of climate change, to exploring ways to transition to renewable energy, or other sustainable practices related to biodiversity and supply chain resilience, our client focused approach aims to help you mitigate your climate risks. 

In addition to harnessing the experience and knowhow of our risk experts across the globe, we leverage Swiss Re’s risk knowledge and data driven research to deliver useful insights to you. Our combined global and local expertise is focused on helping you make informed decisions related to your sustainability agenda, wherever you are on your sustainability journey.

Together, let us advance towards a sustainable future.

Learn more about our solutions and perspectives related to:

Climate change risk

The effects of climate change on your operations are already evident and getting more pronounced. How can you best adapt to a changing climate and avert the most damaging consequences?

Renewable Energy

Renewable Energy is the fastest growing source of electricity generation and helps us on our way to a low carbon future. How can renewable energy help you in your energy transition journey?

Natural ecosystem services and biodiversity

Did you know that 55% of the global GDP is moderately or highly dependent on intact biodiversity and ecosystems? What are considerations for you and your business operations?

Supply chain resilience

Global supply chains are undergoing fundamental restructuring – accelerated by the pandemic. How can you enhance the resilience of your supply chain network?


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Advancing towards a sustainable future