Dr. Martin J. Fengler CEO & founder of Meteomatics AG, St. Gallen, Switzerland

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Martin studied at TU Kaiserslautern (Germany) where he received his PhD in applied mathematics. After his studies he developed several numerical weather prediction codes for Meteomedia AG (now MeteoGroup Switzerland) where he became responsible for the technology & innovation department. In spring 2012 he decided to found Meteomatics in St. Gallen. Meteomatics focuses primarily on the industrial demand of scalable, global as well as hyper-local & accurate weather APIs that provide any sort of historical, current and future weather data, e.g. for the energy sector, logistics & insurance business. To further improve the forecasts for fog and thunderstorms, Meteomatics has developed the proprietary Meteodrone system. With this drone system it is for the first time possible to screen the planetary boundary layer - the lowest 1.5km of the atmosphere, which provides much better initial data for numerical weather models. The success pays off: As the first Swiss privately held company, Meteomatics received a BVLOS & EVLOS approval for their drone systems from the Federal Office of Civil Aviation.