Mark Stephens-Row Meteorologist

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Mark is a Meteorologist with a degree from Reading University. After leaving University, he spent 2.5 years in Antarctica as a weather observer with The British Antarctic Survey monitoring the atmosphere and working with the team that discovered The Ozone Hole in the mid 1980's. On his return after collaborating on scientific papers, he joined a Bristol based sales company as a technical seller supplying a variety of high tech meteorological instruments to universities, research institutions and for professional uses. In 1992 he joined what would become The Weather Company as a weather forecaster, initially providing forecasts, graphics and scripts to the ITV network in the UK before making the jump to On Screen Weather Presenter. The Weather Channel then beckoned for several years where Mark appeared as a forecaster until the late 1990's. He then worked as as technical sales and marketing support and later Sales and Account Manager across Media, Aviation and most recently Energy, Utilities and Insurance. The role also involved providing training in Weather Company products and services as well as the basics of weather and forecasting and he made numerous appearances as Weather Expert at global Energy and Insurance events.

On acquisition by IBM in 2016, mark moved into a Sales Engineer role and now provides technical and meteorological expertise and support to IBM and legacy Weather Company sellers across a host of industry verticals including Travel and Transport, Insurance and Retail.