Martin Schürz Head Risk Engineering Services

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Martin Schürz is the Head of Risk Engineering Services at Swiss Re's Corporate Solution Business Unit. RES' mission is to develop and make available knowledge on corporate clients risk exposures mainly in the property and casualty insurance domain. This to help steer CorSo's risk portfolio and to provide client consultancy. The team currently consists of about 15 Casualty and around 110 Property engineers.

Mr Schürz joined Swiss Re in 1993 and has worked for the Company in both Switzerland and the US in various risk engineering roles. Before joining Swiss Re he was active in a larger Swiss Engineering Consultancy company – conducting natural science driven field studies and environmental impact analysis.

He has two master degrees from the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Zurich (ETH) – one on natural sciences (chemistry) and one in natural hazard management.

During non-Swiss Re hours, he enjoys family live with his wife and four kids – and various sport activities.