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  • Solar Impulse

    13 January 2017

    Swiss Re Corporate Solutions and Solar Impulse: shaping the future of renewable energy

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  • Solar Impulse 2: The wings of clean energy

    29 December 2016

    "For this fragile Solar Impulse aircraft we need, let's say, perfection." Being an engineer myself, this statement by Wim De Troyer, chief meteorologist of Solar Impulse's around-the-world mission, caught my eye. How do you build perfection, especially if it's the very first airplane of its kind?

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  • Supporting the renewable energy race

    29 December 2016

    Students from Delft University of Technology in The Netherlands recently won the SASOL Solar Challenge after an eight day solar car race through South Africa. With a total of 4717 kilometers, the team broke the current world record of most kilometers driven in a solar race. The use of cutting-edge solar panels and upgraded aerodynamics propelled them to victory.

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  • Apple, Akamai, Etsy and Swiss Re Collaborate to Accelerate Renewable Energy Development in Illinois and Virginia

    06 August 2018

    Companies announced they are joining an agreement spearheaded by Apple that develops two new wind and solar energy farms. The two new projects will generate 290 megawatts to the PJM electric grid serving much of the Eastern United States.

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  • Weather risk conference in Berlin looks at new energy business models

    10 July 2017

    The Weather and Energy team invited European energy industry experts to Berlin to discuss the latest trends in weather risk management.

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  • Building energy infrastructure for extreme weather

    01 September 2015

    When Hurricane Sandy turned the lights off in Manhattan in 2012, it became clear that our energy infrastructure is not built to withstand extreme weather events. Swiss Re Corporate Solutions joined forces with Marsh & McLennan Companies and the World Energy Council to produce a series of reports about how to make our energy sources fit for the future.

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  • Closing the gap: Drought threat to Uruguay‘s reliance on hydropower (PDF, 353kb)

    18 May 2018

    Uruguay is fortunate to have four river basins within its borders, two of which feed its hydroelectric plants. Hydropower can supply up to 90% of the country‘s electricity demand in a humid year. A dry year, however, can be costly.

  • Energy, food and water for all – a huge challenge for the 21st century

    01 March 2016

    Our growing global population needs access to power, food and water to survive and thrive. But changing weather patterns call for a new approach to resilient energy infrastructure.

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  • Financing resilient energy infrastructure

    01 September 2016

    The publication summarises three comprehensive studies focusing on key risks the global energy sector needs to manage: extreme weather, energy-water-food dependencies and cybercrime.

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  • The road to resilience − managing and financing extreme weather risks (PDF, 6.98mb)

    30 September 2015

    This partner publication with the World Energy Council and Marsh & McLennan Companies explains why increasing energy infrastructure resilience to extreme weather events is not an option - it is a must. While stakeholders are driven by diverse motives, everyone has a role to play, and there are some common obstacles to be overcome together to ensure that energy supply is secure.

  • Energy – Your long-term energy protection ally

    The energy sector faces numerous challenges and requires significant expertise. Swiss Re Corporate Solutions have the knowledge, experience and risk appetite to help you with your risk transfer needs.

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  • World Energy perspective: The road to resilience - Managing cyber risk (PDF, 1.92mb)

    27 September 2016

    This publication by the World Energy Council is developed in cooperation with Swiss Re Corporate Solutions and Marsh & McLennan Companies. Cyber is the third risk dimension investigated as part of the Financing Resilient Energy Infrastructure initiative (besides extreme weather and energy-food nexus). Drawing on insights from a network of energy industry experts, the report assesses the ways in which vulnerabilities in current and new energy infrastructures are changing. The report recommends actions that energy decision makers and stakeholders can take – individually and collaboratively – to improve the sector’s response to rising cyber threats, as part of a wider move towards resilience.