Property and Business Interruption

Business Interruption (BI) claims can be some of the most difficult and hotly contested in the insurance world – particularly in the aftermath of natural catastrophes. Today, in the wake of a number of recent large losses following major fires and explosions, typhoons and earthquakes, BI has been increasingly thrust into the spotlight. Properly structured BI coverage can provide the critical working capital needed for a business to survive a major disruption.

Our world-class risk knowledge enables us to offer thought leadership and guidance as well as tailored Property and Business Interruption insurance coverages. We also have our own proprietary risk modelling tools, like CatNet®, to better understand and mitigate manmade and natural perils.

At Swiss Re Corporate Solutions Japan we offer

  • Comprehensive Commercial Property Insurance offering comprehensive buildings and contents protection against corporate risks of Property Damage, resulting Business Interruption, and Loss of Profit caused by fire, lightning, explosion, electronic and mechanical breakdown.

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  • Commercial Earthquake Insurance offering a protection on a stand alone basis, which covers Property Damage (PD), Loss of Profit (LoP) and Business Continuity Expense (BCE).

An introduction to Commercial Earthquake Insurance

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  • Business Continuity Expense Coverage offering Business Continuity Expense (“BCE”) for earthquake coverage as a section of its Commercial Earthquake Insurance policy. BCE is designed to cover various expenses after an earthquake, e.g. repair and restitution activities.

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  • Insurance for Energy & Power Industries providing a wide range of insurance products for risk associated with the operation of the oil and gas, petrochemical, power and mining industries. We specialize in providing companies across the world with customized solutions for risks within our industry segment.

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