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About Swiss Re Corporate Solutions Japan

It’s our goal to make your business, and the world, more resilient.

We live in a world of change, where globalisation and digitalisation are transforming the way we do business. These advances mean new opportunities but also new risks. You might long for security and the knowledge that if something goes wrong, your business will keep running smoothly.

That’s where Swiss Re Corporate Solutions comes in. We're the commercial insurance arm of the Swiss Re Group, so we know how to protect your business. Our extensive knowledge and expertise allows us to understand the risks you face today, anticipate the risks you'll face tomorrow and tailor your coverage accordingly. It's our goal to make your business, and the world, more resilient.

We take this client-centric approach in all of our interactions because we have a keen sense of why our business matters. You want peace of mind and our insurance solutions are a means to that end. That’s why we're innovative. We'll apply our detailed knowledge of your risk transfer needs to create the best insurance solution for you and your subsidiaries around the world.

And if traditional insurance isn't the best way to protect your business, we'll find an alternative. Our team of dedicated experts is constantly developing innovative risk solutions across sectors.

As part of the Swiss Re Group, we enjoy excellent credit ratings from Standard and Poor’s, Moody’s and A.M. Best, and have the financial resources to provide high net capacity to back our insurance solutions. We're global, with over 50 offices in more than 20 countries, and growing. Our upwards of 2,500 highly-skilled employees have considerable experience in underwriting, claims management, risk engineering and other relevant disciplines.

It’s a tall order, but given our expertise, creativity, financial strength, and client focus, we're confident we can help your business stay resilient.

Swiss Re Corporate Solutions in Japan

Swiss Re Corporate Solutions Japan (SRIJ) is the Japan branch of Swiss Re Corporate Solutions, the commercial insurance arm of the Swiss Re Group. We opened our Tokyo branch in April 2011 and our Osaka Sales office in October 2015. Backed by our Claims Commitment, we provide a broad range of traditional and innovative risk and insurance solutions. Our team consists of dedicated local industry experts and underwriters to cater to the unique needs of the Japan market.

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