Weather Solutions

Protecting your profits, no matter the weather

The global weather is unpredictable, which can adversely affect your revenues and profitability. We can help protect your business from extreme weather events to mild winters. We offer a wide range of solutions: from weather-contingent commodity price cover to business delay and interruption protection.

We take the risk out of almost any weather event. An unexpectedly mild winter can cut your profits if you're an energy provider. A late frost can destroy a whole year's crop if you're a grower. High snowfall can cause over-runs, penalties and additional labour costs if you're in construction. Too little snow can reduce tourist revenues and increase the cost of snowmaking if you own a ski resort. The risks to revenue and profit from unpredictable weather are too numerous to list. However, we have a solution to protect you from almost any weather event, regardless of your sector.

We provide customised solutions. Our global team of experts will work with you to understand how weather impacts the revenue and profitability of your business. Using our risk assessment skills and deep industry knowledge, we'll tailor a solution that will help protect your balance sheet.

We're committed to outstanding service. As most of our products are based on an index, claims settlement is typically within days.

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