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Managing a self-funded medical benefit plan is not without risk. Catastrophic individual claims or aggregate claims well in excess of expectations can drain the financial reserves of even the best-run plans. That's why we offer a number of employer stop loss solutions that we've developed with you, our clients. As a result, we have a mutual understanding of the risks associated with self-funding and are committed to preventing coverage gaps.

We provide certainty and help you properly manage these risks. Self-funded plans may leave plan sponsors exposed to gaps in coverage. We work with you to minimize those gaps and help you avoid surprises. As a leader in employer stop loss solutions, we can offer the thought leadership and expertise you need to make better decisions for your business. Our risk knowledge helps us to understand this dynamic market so we can work together to develop solutions that adapt to new risks.

We're experts who take an open-minded approach. We employ some of the most experienced and respected specialists in the industry. But that doesn't mean we impose our ideas on others. In fact, we pride ourselves on listening to you. Your feedback enables us to help you adapt to new challenges, develop products to meet the evolving risk landscape, and provide flexible stop loss solutions whenever you need them.

We're committed to service. Tailoring the right solution to each risk is just the start. When a claim is made, we react quickly. We also promise an easy, efficient claims process with open, frequent communication. Service is a priority to us. We understand that cash flow is one of the risks that could impact the long-term health of your self-funded plans and therefore work to help you to mitigate this risk.

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