Advancing self-funding together

Managing a self-funded medical benefit plan is not without risk. Catastrophic individual claims or aggregate claims in excess of expectations can drain the financial reserves of even the best-run plans. That's why we offer a number of employer stop-loss solutions that we've developed with you, our clients.

Product features

Early lock-in

Qualified groups can lock-in coverage prior to the effective date allowing ample time to successfully complete the benefit plan renewal process.

Specific advanced funding

Specific advanced funding is quoted for all cases at no additional cost. The specific deductible must be paid in full by the policyholder and be greater than $1,000.

No new laser (NNL)

Eligible groups with specific deductibles of $25,000 or higher and a minimum annual premium of $75,000 can purchase our NNL option. This option prevents new lasers from being applied at renewal and offers a maximum specific rate increase between 30–50% on the same contract basis.

Experience refund feature

On qualified stop loss policies, this option offers employer groups a greater comfort level with the cost of coverage, knowing that a percentage of premium may be returned to them if their specific stop loss claims costs are below.

Gapless renewal run-out feature

Gapless renewal coverage provides additional specific and aggregate claim protection with respect to claims that were incurred during the prior contract period but paid after the run-out period. Claims that fall between the two contract periods can be a serious liability to employer health plans. The gapless option eliminates this liability for our clients that are currently on a run-out contract and renew.

Aggregating specific deductible (ASD)

The ASD option is designed to allow clients to take on additional claims risk, in exchange for a lower premium, by self-funding a specific amount beyond the group's elected specific deductible. ASD in lieu of a laser is offered when there is a known risk. This option allows a group that has not had favorable claims an alternative to overall increase in premium or a traditional laser option.

Monthly aggregate accommodation

This option provides that, if, at the end of a policy month, the group’s cumulative eligible expenses exceed the cumulative aggregate attachment point by an amount greater than $1,000, we will reimburse the amount by which the cumulative eligible expenses exceed the cumulative aggregate, provided all policy provisions have been met. Coverage must be elected at the beginning of each policy period and is not limited by size of group or risk.

Terminal Liability Option

TLO is offered as an option on specific and aggregate coverage. TLO provides a 3-month run-out period assuming all requirements are met and must be selected at the beginning of each policy period. Coverage is provided for eligible expenses not eligible for coverage under any other group policy.

Why choose us?

At Swiss Re Corporate Solutions, we've helped customers in the Employer Stop-Loss space since 1975. Our history, experience and continuity in this market means we adapt to market trends and can meet client needs across sectors in an ever-changing world. Our team covers the entire United States and has a strong understanding of both National and Regional aspects of employee benefits.

But we bring more than knowledge and expertise – we also pride ourselves on service. We want to make doing business with us easy. We manage proposal and policy issuance quickly and efficiently and go above and beyond to address industry inefficiencies, customer needs and pain points.  

We also have an industry-leading Claims Commitment, giving policyholders and their trusted advisors peace of mind. We process the majority of stop-loss reimbursement requests in less than five days.

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