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The current corporate buzz around net-zero emission pledges, investment in renewables and sudden presence of chief sustainability officers ought to fill us with hope in our battle against the rapidly unfolding climate crisis. However, quoting the late corporate sustainability warrior Brendan LeBlanc, "The only thing more dangerous than NO progress is the ILLUSION of progress".

With "greenwashing", and more recently, "climate washing" emerging as a genuine systemic risk in itself, we turn to distinguished thought leaders Lecturer of Sustainable Finance and ESG at Tokyo Tech university Dr. Kim Schumacher, ESG Investment Specialist at Platinum Asset Management, Jan Van Der Schalk and Dr. Mischa Repmann, Swiss Re's sustainability expert for a rare moment of clarity amid all the noise.

Hosted by APAC CEO Jonathan Rake, the event was moderated by Head of Nat Cat and Sustainability (APAC) Dr. Alex Pui who aimed to address the main drivers and risks associated with climatewashing before offering ideas on how to move towards meaningful disclosure and transparency.

Watch the recording below: