Cyber liability: Data breach in Europe

While data breaches might have become commonplace, their effect on the breached entity (and the affected individuals) are often farreaching. The majority of the headline-making data breaches have occured in the United States. But cyber attacks are a global issue, affecting the economy worldwide. New legislation in the European Union is expected to lead to more reported cyber events also in Europe after its implementation in 2018.

This publication looks at the consequences of a data breach in Europe and compares the situations in Europe and the US with regard to the major features of such an event. It provides a snapshot of where the discussion stands at the beginning of 2017, about one and a half years before the new European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) will come into force. Watching the case law developing, in particular in the UK which has taken some landmark decisions in this area, is also an indicator for where Europe seems to be heading.


​Cyber liability

Data breach in Europe