Advocating for renewable energy

For the fourth consecutive year, Swiss Re Corporate Solutions is a proud sponsor of the solar car racing team from Delft University of Technology in the Netherlands.

In October 2019, the students will compete in the World Solar Challenge in Australia which marks the 10th anniversary of the event. The competition is a 3,000-kilometre-long race from Darwin to Adelaide, which take place every two years.

Building resilience to face the future

Sixteen new students have joined the solar car racing team and are building a brand-new solar race car for the competition. The 10th anniversary edition of the solar car will have a special name: 'NunaX' and will be presented in July.

"It's a name that fits with the vision of the new team. In mathematics, X represents the unknown variable: we don't yet know how we will achieve our goal. The path to get there is still a mystery. Even so, we believe it is possible for us to be crowned world solar racing champion for the eighth time in Australia – and to achieve a life without fossil fuels within one generation," says Maud Diepeveen, student and team leader.

Students from Delft University of Technology that have won the World Solar Challenge seven times already and they are the current reigning world champion.

Will "NunaX" win the race in Australia in 2019?

"In my opinion, they have already won," states Jeroen Weurding, Head Benelux, Swiss Re Corporate Solutions.  "It is incredibly inspiring to see students in their early 20's delaying their studies for a year in order to drive forward the discussion on renewable energy by showcasing what can be achieved with innovating techniques."

Our Swiss Re Corporate Solutions team in Amsterdam will support the Delft University solar car racing team very closely. A series of events to foster the exchange of ideas between the students and our employees and clients will take place throughout the year.

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