We have all closely followed the tragic events of the past few weeks, the killings of George Floyd, Ahmaud Arbery, Breonna Taylor, the confrontation of Christian Cooper and the anger that overflowed into the streets across many cities in the US. These events have made it abundantly clear that pervasive racial inequality still exists in our society. Seeing these events unfold and knowing that they are not isolated in nature, I'm speaking up because we can and must do better.

Like many immigrants, I came to the US seeking greater opportunities. The brown color of my skin has not been an impediment to rapidly integrating into society, establishing a family, calling this country home. During this time, I have also been privileged to be employed by a progressive company that I have seen work hard to ensure employees are treated fairly and with dignity, knowing that its strength comes from a global and diverse workforce. In my role as CEO North America Swiss Re Corporate Solutions, therefore, I strive to foster a culture of equality and inclusivity.

Yet recent events show that we all must do more. I need to do more. You need to do more. Swiss Re needs to do more. Not only to stamp out any traces of racism and discrimination but also to strengthen our contributions to building societal resilience in and out of the office. We need to do more by proactively addressing racial inequality. There are many ways we can help: educate ourselves on the issue, listen to each other, call out racism and hatred when we see it, donate to organizations that are making a difference. 

This work isn't easy or comfortable, and systemic change won't happen overnight, but when there's inequality, we all lose. Many in our society have lost for far too long. Now is the time to come together to eliminate racism and help us all win. 

At Swiss Re, we are committed to making the world more resilient. Each day, we work hard to realize that vision professionally. Now let's work just as tirelessly to uphold that commitment personally.