Putting customers front and center

As with any other crisis, this one has also brought new lessons. To overcome the challenges imposed by the pandemic, companies had to speed up their digital transformation, seeking new solutions to better address their customer needs. I believe these changes will bring long term benefits for both, our customers and our business.

Now is the time to look ahead and understand what legacy such changes will mean for the post-pandemic world, and more specifically, for Swiss Re Corporate Solutions. I took over leadership of Swiss Corporate Solutions Latin America in October 2019, just five months before the global pandemic. We had to adapt our entire working mode and customer service in record time.

This was not a trivial exercise. Staying close to our customers is essential, so they understand and feel comfortable with our solutions, especially in highly technical and bespoke cases. Also, parts of our engagement with customers require the physical presence of highly skilled professionals, including RES - Risk Engineering Services - and Agro field services.

That is why we sped up the digitization process of several activities, heavily investing in technology so our platforms can digitally issue quotes and policies; artificial intelligence can be used to service customers and brokers, drones are being used to map areas preventing our colleagues from being exposed.

These are just a few examples, the technological gains are long-lasting and will surely stay beyond the pandemic, benefiting everyone:  broker, client and us.
Although it is undeniable that technology plays a big role in this new business environment, it is essential to remember that it does nothing by itself. If today we can celebrate the achievement of our 2020 key targets, meeting the shareholder expectations, we have to thank our team commitment with whom I am pleased to work every day.

This transformation journey was only possible due to our team and business partners who have shown resilience, dedication, and creativity.This is why ‘people’ remains at the core of our strategy.

This is true when we talk about putting our customers and partners at the center of our decisions and for the urgent agenda of Inclusion & Diversity which, not surprisingly, will be the key theme of Swiss Re Institute's upcoming events and publications. D&I will continue to be a core part of our global agenda as a topic to be taken seriously and responsibly by us all.

In Latin America, we also deal with all the particularities of each country where we operate. In Brazil, we will continue to work to unlock value from our Joint Venture with Bradesco Seguros in the standard segment and enhance our strong position in the bespoke segment. While bespoke remains the powerhouse of our operation, the growth in the Bradesco channels indicates clear signs of unlocking, confirming we are on the right track.

In Colombia, we have advanced on the path of making our operation more robust, diversifying our portfolio, and investing in new pricing tools that will help us to be more competitive. In Mexico, we are focusing on developing our technology, our partnership with Majesco, and standard solutions strategies for small and medium-sized companies.

The combination of all these efforts and progress across the region, reinforces Swiss Re Corporate Solutions as "a great place to succeed", generating value for all stakeholders, namely: employees, distribution partners, customers and the communities where we are present. A positive role for you!

Let's continue our regional journey as the best part is yet to come!