Supporting the renewable energy race

Students from Delft University of Technology in The Netherlands recently won the SASOL Solar Challenge after an eight day solar car race through South Africa. With a total of 4717 kilometers, the team broke the current world record of most kilometers driven in a solar race. The use of cutting-edge solar panels and upgraded aerodynamics propelled them to victory.

A great reward for their innovative spirit and their strong belief in the application of renewable energy. And earlier this year Solar Impulse' pilots Bertrand Piccard completed the first solar flight around the world. Their 17-leg journey took 21 days of flight time and covered over 43,000 km as Si2 crossed Asia, the Pacific Ocean, the USA, the Atlantic Ocean, the Mediterranean Sea and the Middle East. Both projects are pioneering the use of renewable energy technology and both are proudly supported by Swiss Re Corporate Solutions. We recently hosted an event with clients and brokers from across the Benelux region to celebrate the student's success. Experts from the TU Delft provided insights into the latest renewables technologies, with a focus on wind power. Our weather and energy specialists shared their views on risk management in the renewables sector. We concluded with lunch in the Dreamhall at TU Delft, the nerve centre of their race team's latest endeavors where students proudly showcased the winning car and the key elements of technology which helped them secure their victory.

For me some very important elements came together, the push for Renewable Energy via Technical Innovation in our fight against Climate Change. But also our Future Talent. It was incredibly inspiring to see students in their 20's delaying their studies for a year in order to push the discussion on Renewable Energy by showcasing what can be achieved with innovating techniques. They even actively reached out to younger generations and met with school kids and teenagers aged 8 to 16 on the topic of renewable energy. To see and hear these students explaining, in a very mature way, the importance of fighting climate change gives me a lot of hope and the feeling that progress is on its way.

In light of all this I was happy that Corporate Solutions could help fuel their passions further. We were able to arrange to the students of the TU Delft to visit the flight control centre while Solar Impulse was completing their solar flights around the world. Even a word of congratulations was sent by Bertrand to the students in Delft.