Restarting operations: How can we reach a new normal?

With COVID-19, companies needed to react quickly to cope with the effects of the pandemic, such as disrupted supply chains or the need to shut down plants. Restarting operations brings many risks, which is why we worked closely with customers and brokers to understand, mitigate and learn from them. What are the post-COVID-19 economic scenarios? Will we go fully back to the status quo pre-coronavirus? How can we take our positive learnings to adjust, evolve and reach a new normal? We've asked four experts to share their views in a two-minute video.

Jerôme Haegeli, Group Chief Economist, Swiss Re Institute
Christoph Nabholz, Head Life & Behaviour R&D, Swiss Re Institute
Kirsty Handley, Senior Risk Engineer, Swiss Re Corporate Solutions
Nancy Green, Global Client Promise Leader and Co-Leader, Global COVID-19 Task Force, Aon


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