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Is parametric insurance right for you?

Companies today are facing a growing number of perils, yet traditional indemnity-based products don't always cover all of your insurance needs. Parametric solutions, which are tailored to your specific exposure, can help fill these gaps. And, since they use a simple, pre-determined index, claims are paid quickly and without hassle to help you keep business running smoothly after an event.

Our recent webinar explains what parametric insurance is and how it can help your company stay resilient in the event of a hurricane, earthquake or other peril. To learn more, listen to the recording below or contact us.

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You can help protect your business from the financial impact of a large Atlantic windstorm with STORM or an earthquake with QUAKE.

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An index-based insurance solution that helps you recover faster after a tropical cyclone.


An innovative product which gives financial flexibility in dealing with hardships in the immediate aftermath of an earthquake

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